An off-line output feedback RMPC-LPV applied to an inverted pendulum using relaxed LMI procedures

  • Luis Carvalho UFERSA
  • Marcus V. S. Costa UFERSA
  • Walber M. Lima UFERSA
  • Elenilson V. Fortes IFG
Keywords: Inverted pendulum control, Output feedback RMPC-LPV, LPV-SS Control, Off-line RMPC approach


This paper aims an off-line output-feedback robust model predictive control (RMPC) using linear matrix inequalities (LMIs) applied to the angle position control of an inverted pendulum modeled by Linear Parameters Varying (LPV) affine scheme. The presented methodology involves the an off-line RMPC-LPV state feedback, which the gains are LPV by LMIs and stored in the look-up table. Also, it is presented a robust observer design using LMIs that is ensured the feasibility of the output feedback stability. The control strategies presented in this study considers the online and off-line state space feedback and off-line feedback control design along with state observer. The comparative analysis of the numerical results and cost indices evidence the suitability of the proposed methodology and the advantages of output feedback RMPC-LPV in comparison with the typical approaches based in the same control design conditions.