H∞ State-feedback Control for Discrete-time Markov jump Lur'e system

  • Lucas Porrelli Moreira da Silva University of Campinas
  • Gabrielle Resende Oliveira University of Campinas
  • Alim Pedro de Castro Gonçalves University of Campinas
Keywords: Markov jump systems, Circle criterion, H∞ control, Linear matrix inequalities


We propose LMI conditions for H∞ analysis and state-feedback control of discrete-time Markov Jump Lur’e systems. We will also approach two possible situations, either mode-dependent and modeindependent state-feedback control. For the first approach, we consider that the controller has access to the Markov mode (k), on the other hand, for the second approach, we consider that the Markov parameter (k) cannot be read by the controller. A numerical example illustrates the obtained results.