On the tuning of a PI speed controller for electric drives by using Simulated Annealing algorithm

  • Wander G. da Silva Federal University of Goiás
  • Guilherme F. dos Santos Federal University of Goiás
  • Volker Pickert Newcastle University
Keywords: Speed control, Electric drives, Simulated annealing, DC motor


This paper presents an investigation on the use of the Simulated Annealing (SA) algorithm to find the best tuning of a PI speed regulator for a speed control DC motor drive. Two control loops will be considered, an inner one for the armature current control and the outer one for the speed. The gains of the PI current regulator will be kept constant whereas the SA will be used to tune the speed regulator. The integral of the absolute of the speed error will be used as the evaluating function. Then, the faster the speed response reaches the speed reference for a load condition, the better the tuning. The range of the proportional and the integral gains will be limited such as the armature voltage and current does not exceed the rated value, keeping the system linear. Because of this, the best tuning of the speed controller can be easily predicted, and the SA algorithm will be put to the test. Two important SA parameters will be changed, what determines how fast the algorithm can converge towards the best solution. Simulation results will be presented, showing how accurate and fast SA can be to find the best tuning for the PI speed regulator.