Design And Implementation Of A Real Time Attitude Estimation System With Low Cost Sensors

  • Roney D. da Silva Universidade Federal do ABC
  • Heloise Assis Fazzolari Universidade Federal do ABC
  • Diego Paolo Ferruzzo Correa Universidade Federal do ABC
Keywords: Inertial sensors, ESP32, Attitude, Strapdown platform


Getting the attitude of drones, underwater vehicles or other six degree of freedom (DoF) devices is one of the most challenging tasks in the project of navigation control systems. For this reason, many projects use proprietary software or are limited to simulations. This work presents a complete system for attitude determination capable of provide estimated attitude and calibrated measurements using MEMS, with a low-cost and low-power microcontroller. The accelerometer and magnetometer are calibrated online on the embedded system using least squares method without any external devices. The states estimation is computed with a fast algebraic quaternion algorithm (less than 1.5s) using an additive linear Kalman Filter and model measurements.