Improving Recloser-Fuse Coordination With Self-Adaptive Adjustment

  • Antonio E. C. Momesso University of São Paulo
  • Eduardo N. Asada University of São Paulo
Keywords: Recloser, Fuse, Self-adaptive, Distribution system;, Coordination


The use of advanced communication and computation technologies, together with the need to make systems more secure and reliable, pushes for the development of new methods of protection that take into consideration new features. However, the advances must reconcile with analog equipment already present in the protection systems, such as fuses. In this sense, this work proposes the development of a self-adjusting recloser, aiming at ecient coordination with the fuse involved in the fault. For this purpose, the automatic reconguration of the Time Dial (TD) of the delayed characteristic curve of the recloser is carried out based on the current measurements obtained in the fuse involved in the short circuit. The proposed method provides signicant reductions in operating times due to the recloser delayed characteristic curve, which, in turn, reduces the chances of damages to the system components.