Dead Zone Compensation in Direct Current Motors: A Review

  • Leonardo Pires de Souza Universidade Federal do Rio Grande
  • Rodrigo Zelir Azzolin Universidade Federal do Rio Grande
Keywords: Dead zone, Compensation, Artificial neural network, Fuzzy logic, Sliding mode control


As one of the types of electric motors, DC motors are presented, a class of motors that is commonly used in torque and speed control systems. The control of these motors in real applications is affected by system nonlinearities, such as the dead zone, which limits the motor to fulfill its task with precision since it disables the motor movement for certain applied inputs. Thus, control methods need to be implemented to compensate it. Three modern control methods generate good compensation results: artificial neural networks, fuzzy logic and sliding mode control. Thus, this study aims to perform a review of the available literature on the use of these methods in the compensation of the dead zone in direct current motors.