Optimal Economic Dispatch of Thermoelectric Power Units with Practical Constraints Through an Enhanced Bat Algorithm

  • Layon M. Oliveira Federal University of Juiz de Fora
  • Ezequiel S. Oliveira Federal Center of Technological Education Celso Suckow da Fonseca
  • Ivo C. Silva Junior Federal University of Juiz de Fora
Keywords: Economic Dispatch, Practical Constraints, Enhanced Bat Algorithm, Nonconvex, Discontinuous


The thermal Economic Dispatch (ED) consist of a complex optimization problem of power systems planning and operation that aims to minimize the overall generation cost. The realistic representation of the thermoelectric power units is modeled by practical constraints comprising valve-point eect, multiple fuels and Prohibited Operating Zones (POZ), which makes the ED a nonconvex and discontinuous mathematical programming problem. This paper is proposes an Enhanced Bat Algorithm (EBA) to solve the ED problem with its practical constraints. The EBA is developed to improve the exploration of the search space through some modications in the original Bat algorithm (BA), with the purpose of increasing the eciency in nding good solutions for large scale ED problems. Case studies with statistical analysis are performed to assess the proposed approach, involving a system with all practical constraints related to the ED problem, which is a contribution of the present paper.