4-Axis CNC Milling Machine for Production of Dental Prosthesis

  • Nei da Silva Paz Neto Federal University of Bahia
  • Marcus V. Americano da Costa Federal University of Bahia
Keywords: Numeric control, Dental prosthesis, Milling machine, Computer aided manufacturing, Dentistry


This paper presents the development of a 4-axis CNC milling machine for making dental restorations. The machine was developed to help spread knowledge about CAD/CAM to future professionals in healthcare area, including automation engineering. The CAD/CAM systems can be found in dental clinics and specialized laboratories with a high added value, as it brings reliability, precision, and speed to the prosthesis developed and, thereby, increasing the quality
of the nal product. With this high cost, not all dental professionals can have this type of technology. However, it is demonstrated the possibility of building these systems at a reduced cost and applying them to restorative dentistry. Therefore, this work results in instigating of the engineering education and training future professionals in mechatronics research with applications to the Odontology.