An economic D-RTO for thermal solar plant: analysis and simulations based on a feedback linearization control case

  • Igor M. L. Pataro University of Almería
  • Marcus V. Americano da Costa Federal University of Bahia
  • Lídia Roca CIEMAT-Plataforma Solar de Almería
  • José L. Guzmán Sanches University of Almería
  • Manuel Berenguel University of Almería
Keywords: Dynamic optimization, Solar energy, Desalination process, Feedback linearization control


This work proposes an economic dynamic real-time optimization (D-RTO) strategy to control a solar collector eld in order to maximize the amount of thermal power energy delivered to multi-eect seawater distillation plant. A validated model of the compound parabolic concentrator collector eld of the AQUASOL plant, available at the Plataforma Solar de Almera (Spain), is used as case study. The optimization algorithm is based on receding horizon optimization problem, in which an economic function takes into account the energy produced by the solar plant and the electricity consumption costs by the water pump. The D-RTO strategy is compared to a feedback linearization controlling in dierent temperature setpoints, intending to analyze economic benets and viability of the proposed algorithm. Simulation results show the D-RTO algorithm is capable of handling process disturbances and operating in economic benet conditions, bringing good perspectives for implementation in real applications.