Parameter Estimation of Wind Power Plant Equivalent Model through a Hybrid Method

  • Gabriel J. N. Gomes Universidade de São Paulo
  • Elmer P. T. Cari Universidade de São Paulo
Keywords: Parameters estimation, Wind energy, DFIG, MVMO, Trajectory sensibility


Reliable models are vital for dynamic simmulations made by electric system operators. Generic models can be adjusted to match certain equipment criteria and provide accurate responses to different faults and disturbances. This paper adresses that issue by proposing a hybrid estimation method to estimate parameters of a wind power plant generic model. At first, the parameters are estimated through the Mean-Variance Mapping Optimization method, a population-based metaheuristic. When the parameters are close enough to their real values, Trajectory Sensitivity method is applied to improve the results and optimize solution. Combining both methods results in a fast and robust estimation approach. The proposed hybrid method was executed using measurement data acquired from PowerFactory and the results show the adequacy of this application.