Command Governor strategy based on region of attraction control switching

  • Álan C. e Sousa Graduate Program on Electrical Engineering CEFET-MG & UFSJ
  • Luís F. P. Silva Department of Mechatronics Engineering / CEFET-MG
  • Walter Lucia Concordia Institute for Information Systems Engineering (CIISE)
  • Valter J. S. Leite Graduate Program on Electrical Engineering CEFET-MG & UFSJ, Department of Mechatronics Engineering / CEFET-MG
Keywords: Command governor, Discrete-time systems, Switching systems, Lyapunov stability, Region of attraction


The command governor (CG) is a useful strategy to avoid constraints violation in case of control reconfiguration or operational conditions changes, like switched systems mode changes. In general, the structure of the CG specializes in producing an alternative reference signal to drive a closed-loop system to the desired reference while avoiding constraints violations in the control signal, state-space, or combinations of them. In this paper, we propose a simple strategy that modifies the conventional structures of the CG and supervisor, yielding a switched rule based on the estimated controllers' region of attraction. We present some simulations to illustrate the proposal's potential and compare it with a competitor scheme exploiting a dwell-time approach. The results suggest that our approach adds new possibilities of CG and supervisor design, reducing the transition time between system modes and improving the closed-loop performance indexes.