Co-Simulation by Indirect Coupling of a Brushless Single-Phase Synchronous Generator

  • C. G. C. Neves Universidade Federal de Pelotas
  • A. F. F. Filho UFRGS
  • F. A. Farret Universidade Federal de Santa Maria
  • M. G. Simões Colorado School of Mines
Keywords: Single-phase synchronous generator, Brushless machine, Self-excited machine, Rectifier, Capacitor, Finite element method, Co-simulation


This paper describes and simulates the transient process of self-excitation of a single-phase brushless capacitor-exciter synchronous generator (BCESG) by Finite Element Method (FEM). To simul the BCESG the coupling between the magnetic circuit and the electrical circuit the Method of Co-Simulation by Indirect Coupling is applied. The Total Harmonic Distortion of the terminal voltage is calculated and the main harmonics identified by Fast Fourier Transform (FFT).