An Application of QSR-Dissipativity to the Problem of Static Output Feedback Robust Stabilization of Nonlinear Systems

  • Diego de S. Madeira Federal University of Ceará
  • Valessa V. Viana Federal University of Ceará
Keywords: Static output feedback, Robust control, QSR-Dissipativity, Di erential algebraic representation


In this work we deal with the asymptotic stabilization problem of polynomial (and rational) input-affine systems subject to parametric uncertainties. The problem of linear static output feedback (SOF) control synthesis is handled, having as a prerequisite a differential algebraic representation (DAR) of the plant. Using the property of strict QSR-dissipativity, the Finsler's Lemma and the notion of linear annihilators we introduce a new dissipativity-based strategy for robust stabilization which determines a static feedback gain by solving a simple linear semidenite program on a polytope. At the same time, an estimate of the closed-loop domain of attraction is given in terms of an ellipsoidal set. The novelty of the proposed approach consists in this combination of dissipativity theory and powerful semidenite programming (SDP) tools allowing for a simple solution of the challenging problem of static output feedback design for nonlinear systems. A numerical example allows the reader to verify the applicability of the proposed technique.