Requirements Derivation for RoboCup Small Size League Robot

  • Gabriel B. Farias Electronic Engineering Division, Aeronautics Institute of Technology
  • Marcos R. O. A. Máximo Autonomous Computational Systems Lab (LAB-SCA), Computer Science Division, Aeronautics Institute of Technology
  • Rubens J. M. Afonso Electronic Engineering Division, Aeronautics Institute of Technology, Institute of Flight System Dynamics, Technical University of Munich
Keywords: Requirement derivation, RoboCup small size league, Monte Carlo simulation, Mobile robot


This work develops a method for deriving requirements for the goalkeeper of the robot soccer competition RoboCup Small Size League (SSL) using Monte Carlo simulation. Initially, an overview of the SSL competition is presented and related works are shown. Then, the parameters of interest are selected and the developed method is discussed. Afterwards, different models and control laws are designed to simulate the goal defense performance for different parameter values. Finally, the data generated is analyzed and a set of requirements for the mobile robot is selected. Lastly, the method utility is evaluated and possible extensions of this work are proposed.