Robust optimal nonlinear control strategies for an aerial manipulator

  • Júnio E. de Morais Federal University of Minas Gerais
  • Daniel Neri Federal University of Minas Gerais
  • Guilherme V. Raffo Federal University of Minas Gerais
Keywords: Unmanned aerial manipulator, Lagrangian systems, Robust control, Nonlinear control, Sobolev space


This work presents two control strategies based on a classic nonlinear H∞ controller and on a novel nonlinear W infinity controller for robust trajectory tracking of an unmanned aerial manipulator (UAM). The controllers are implemented in a hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) framework using the ProVANT simulator, which was developed on the Gazebo and Robot Operating System (ROS) platforms. In addition, the performance of these controllers is compared in order to highlight their advantages and disadvantages.