Offline FMPC Applied to the 3SSC Boost Converter

  • Thalita B. S. Moreira Federal Rural University of the Semi-Arid Region
  • Marcus V. S. Costa Federal Rural University of the Semi-Arid Region
  • F. G. Nogueira Federal University of Cear´á
Keywords: Fuzzy control, Model predictive control, 3SSC boost converter, Linear matrix inequalities, Stability ellipsoid, Offline FMPC


This article develops a novel application for fuzzy model predictive control (FMPC), applying this control law to a three state-switching cell (3SSC) boost converter. The converter is modeled using augmented state space equations through a polytopic approach, associated with fuzzy membership functions in order to reject disturbances caused by the change in the operating point. Furthermore, the FMPC combines Model Predictive Control (MPC), Takagi-Sugeno (T-S) and Parallel-Distributed Compensation (PDC) fuzzy methodologies. In addition, an offline approach for the FMPC is presented, whose gains are obtained via stability ellipsoids and stored in a lookup-table. The obtained results highlight the performance of the proposed method in comparison with the benchmark controller, through analysis of time responses, stability ellipsoids and performance index J∞.