A stabilizing gradient-based economic MPC for unstable processes: toward the enlargement of the domain of attraction

  • Daniel D. Santana Universidade Federal da Bahia
  • Márcio A. F. Martins Universidade Federal da Bahia
  • Tito L. M. Santos Universidade Federal da Bahia
Keywords: Model-based control, Domain of attraction, Terminal equality constraint, Optimizing control, Economic model predictive control, Unstable systems, Target calculation


This work proposes a stabilizing gradient-based economic MPC with enlargement of the domain of attraction, based on the novel combination of three ingredients: terminal equality constraints solely on open-loop non-stable states, an admissible articial steady-state, and a terminal cost. A further enlargement of the domain of attraction is achieved by including slack variables to soften the bound constraints of states, without affecting the stabilizing properties
or capacity to drive the closed-loop system toward the economic target. Finally, a case study based on an unstable reactor is used to demonstrate the properties of the proposed strategy.