Inteligência Artificial em Robôs de Software Aplicada em Processos Administrativos e Regulatórios do Setor Elétrico

  • Clayton H. da Costa Instituto Gnarus, Itajubá/MG
  • Flavio L. Grando Instituto Gnarus, Itajubá/MG
  • Bruna M. Mulinari Instituto Gnarus, Itajubá/MG
  • Pedro Henrique M. Lisboa Equatorial Energia, São Luiz/MA
  • Luis Roberto O. Santos Equatorial Energia, São Luiz/MA
  • Fabio A. Guerra Instituto Gnarus, Itajubá/MG
  • Milton P. Ramos Instituto Gnarus, Itajubá/MG
Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, RPA, Digital Transformation, Regulatory Management


Now a days, more and more the companies need to invest in new information and control technologies to ensure operation, management and performance. This text presents a research and development project that demonstrated the strategic advantage in the use of innovative techniques of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Robotic Process Automation (RPA-software robots) in administrative and regulatory activities in an energy distribution utility. The combination of these cutting- edge technologies was implemented in two company processes, the application cases reported in the following text. These cases demonstrate how these technologies can be used to add value to companies in short-, medium- and long-term benefits.