Planta Térmica Didática para Estimação da Condutividade Térmica de Materiais

  • Marques da Luz. Luigi F. Centro de Informática (CIn)-UFPE, PE
  • Lussón C. Ania Unidade Acadêmica do Cabo de Santo Agostinho (UACSA)-UFRPE, PE
  • Beltrán A. Reinel Unidade Acadêmica do Cabo de Santo Agostinho (UACSA)-UFRPE, PE
Keywords: Thermal conductivity, thermal plant, heat transfer, thermal gradient


The law of thermal conduction or Fourier’s law describes that the heat flow through a material depends on the temperature difference between two points on the material and also on its thermal conductivity, which provides an indication of the rate at which energy is transferred by the diffusion process. The estimation of this, in turn, is applied in several fields, such as in civil construction, among others. This article presents a prototype of a low cost didactic thermal plant to estimate the thermal conductivity of materials. The proposal is based on Fourier’s law and the protected hot plate principle. As a case study, the pine chip was used, due to its use in the generation of electric energy, whose accuracy in the estimation of thermal conductivity was 97,1 %, showing the effectiveness of both the method used and the proposed prototype.