Desenvolvimento e Identificação Experimental de Planta Piloto de Dessalinização por Osmose Reversa

  • Queiroz D. M. B Universidade Federal do Ceará, CE
  • Carvalho P. C. M Universidade Federal do Ceará, CE
  • Nogueira F. G Universidade Federal do Ceará, CE
  • Torrico B. C. Universidade Federal do Ceará, CE
Keywords: Reverse Osmosis Desalination, Real System Modeling, Non Recursive Least Squares Method


This work presents the development and identification tests of a reverse osmosis (RO) desalination pilot plant. The devices that compose the system are: two hydraulic diaphragm pumps, a pre-filtration assembly, pressure and flow sensors, human machine interface (HMI), data acquisition system, and a pair of RO desalination membranes positioned in series. Given the several parametric uncertainties of the system, the experimental identification of dynamic models was performed. Considering one of the pumps as model input, and the pressure at the inlet of the membranes as output. For data acquisition the input and output were correlated with the application of a square wave excitation signal, with the system operating at around 50 psi. There were four different models, 1st order showed performance of 68.92%, 2nd order 72.8%, 3rd order 74.6%, and 4th order 73.3%. The models were also validated through residual analysis