Potencial de Utilização de Micro e Minicogeração em Centros Urbanos – Análise de Caso

  • Élio Vicentini Universidade Federal do ABC – Santo André SP
  • Ricardo Caneloi dos Santos Universidade Federal do ABC – Santo André SP
  • Ricardo da Silva Benedito Universidade Federal do ABC – Santo André SP
Keywords: Cogenaration, Planning, Technology, Investment, Distributed Genaration


This work demonstrates the positioning of different energy sources in relation to access requests and indicates the potential of other energy sources, with the development and improvement of technologies, for urban centers. In this case, the work explains about natural gas cogeneration in places where the offer of roofs and areas for the implementation of solar systems are not possible or interesting, due to shading, positioning, area limitation, inadequate geometry, area costs or others types of interference. As part of the work, a case study and financial analysis are presented to demonstrate its feasibility. The future growth of this type of access must be considered in the planning and operation of distribution networks, as it will have a considerable participation in the constitution of the electric system in urban centers.