Algoritmo Super-Twisting Multivariável Adaptativo com perturbações ilimitadas com majorantes desconhecidos

  • Jair L. de Azevedo Filho COPPE/Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, RJ
  • Eduardo Vieira L. Nunes COPPE/Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, RJ
Keywords: Disturbance rejection, higher-order sliding modes, Lyapunov methods, multivariable control, nonlinear adaptive control, sliding mode control


In this paper, a novel Multivariable Adaptive Super-Twisting Algorithm is proposed. Considering a multilayered structure, the proposed adaptive scheme does not require the knowledge of upper bounds for the matched disturbances and their derivatives. Extracting information from the equivalent control, a second-order sliding mode is achieved by adapting both gains in a non-conservative way, potentially reducing the undesirable effects of chattering.