Aplicação de Sistema Especialista Fuzzy para Dosagem de Amido no Processo de Flotação de Minério de Ferro

  • Lucas A. Reis Vale S/A, Mariana, MG
  • Paula R. Gonçalves Vale S/A, Mariana, MG
  • Tiago C. Nunes Vale S/A, Mariana, MG
  • Luiz R. F. Junior Vale S/A, Mariana, MG
  • Felipe N. Caldas Vale S/A, Mariana, MG
  • Marcílio C. Silva Vale S/A, Mariana, MG
  • Wanderlei S. Sales Vale S/A, Mariana, MG
  • Guilherme A. S. Franco Vale S/A, Mariana, MG
  • Cezar G. Silva Vale S/A, Mariana, MG
Keywords: Fuzzy Logic, Expert System, Advanced Control, Flotation, Ore Beneficiation


This work details the study and application of a fuzzy expert system for the specific dosage control of starch on the flotation process of iron ore beneficiation. This advanced control manipulates the setpoint of the classic controller PID (proportional, integral, derivative), that controls the starch flow rate. The purpose of this aplication is to improve the specific starch dosing and reduce the content of iron in the tailing, contributing to increasing the mass yield of iron ore. The results with the active system show the achievement of the aforementioned objectives, with emphasis on the reduction of starch consumption, which is an expensive input used in the iron ore beneficiation process.