Identification of the Movement Algorithm of a Commercial Platform for Helicopter Simulators

  • Emmanuel Araujo Machado Comando de Aviação do Exército
  • Luiz Carlos Sandoval Goes Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica
Keywords: Simulator, Washout filter, Helicopter, Stewart Platform, Identfication


The use of flight simulators for pilot training and evaluations is common in the modern aeronautical sector. Whether for airplanes or helicopters, the military and airline companies use this feature to keep their crews operational, safety-oriented and resource-saving. This work presents a proposal for adjusting the washout filter parameters that allows the use of Stewart's platform in helicopter simulators. The identification of the filter parameters was carried out based on tests on an available commercial platform, certified by the company Moog, model MB-E-6DOF/24/1800KG, currently used in the SHEFE helicopter simulator of the Brazilian Army. The work dealt with the physiological aspects of the human vestibular system and its dynamics. Subsequently, the methods for choosing the filter model, and configuration parameters are presented. Three series of tests were carried on the commercial platform and in a real helicopter prepared with special flight test instrumentation. The tests were completed, and the motion platform filter adjustments were made to minimize errors between the movement cues perceived by the pilot in the aircraft and the flight simulator. The results of this work will be used as a basis for the development of a national movement platform for another flight simulator in the development phase.