BPSO-Fuzzy Algorithm for Distribution System State Estimation under Unavailability of Measurements

  • ANTONIO A. M. RAPOSO Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Sa~o Paulo, IFSP, Tupa~ - SP / Sa~o Paulo State University, UNESP
  • LUI´S R. A. GABRIEL FILHO Sa~o Paulo State University, UNESP
Keywords: Particle Swarm Optimization, Fuzzy Multi-objective Optimization, State Estimator Accuracy, Unavailability of Measurements, harmonics, power quality, residential loads, waveform distortions


This paper proposes a methodology for meter placement for state estimation in distribution networks. The proposed methodo-logy considers that the meter placement is carried out including the unavailability of multifunctional meters. This formulation of the allocation problem prevents the accuracy of the state estimator from being degraded by failures in the meters. Conse-quently, more accurate estimates of power quality indexes associated with compliance voltage or voltage unbalance can be ob-tained. The meter placement was performed using a multi-objective formulation that maximizes the accuracy of the estimator and minimizes the number of meters installed in the distribution network. This optimization problem was solved using a fuzzy multi-objective optimization strategy combined with binary particle swarm optimization algorithm. In addition, the effect of the correlation between measurements was included. The results of the tests showed that the proposed methodology obtained good quality solutions to the meter placement problem under scenarios of unavailability of measurements.