Simulation of External Peripherals for Automated Testing of Embedded Software in Model MSP430FR5969

  • José Gustavo de Almeida Machado Innovation Hub, Instituto Federal Fluminense, RJ
  • Rogério Atem de Carvalho Innovation Hub, Instituto Federal Fluminense, RJ
Keywords: Embedded Systems, Embedded Software, Automated Driver Testing, ESP32, MSP430, process monitoring, IoT, Distributed computing, Industry 4.0


The use of embedded systems in the various sectors of the economy has grown over the years. Consequently, the demand for software developers capable of creating applications for these systems in an optimized way has increased since the hardware of these devices has limited capacity concerning computers. Embedded software tests are required to validate the correct functioning of its tasks. However, its implementation is not always trivial, as external devices are necessary in order to be able to implement the tests, which may not be available during the projects testing phase. This work aims to present solutions for test software developed for the MSP430FR5969 microcontroller, using ESP32 to simulate the external device used to communicate with the device under test. Test results identify errors found in software developed for the DUT. However, some cases were observed instabilities in the double, reinforcing the need to continue improving the codes used in the double microcontroller. The methodology has the advantage of being software focused, while it is based on any hardware. In addition, it allows the developer greater control over the testing process, quickly making modifications to the double code to explore other scenarios.