Estabilização e controle do pêndulo furuta: estudo das técnicas controle H2, controle H? e LQR via LMI

  • Ângelo M. F. Moreira Universidade Federal da Bahia (UFBA), Salvador-BA
  • Bernardo Ordoñez Universidade Federal da Bahia (UFBA), Salvador-BA
  • Humberto X. Araújo Universidade Federal da Bahia (UFBA), Salvador-BA
Keywords: H2/H8 control, LQR, LMI, disturbance rejection, pole placement, Furuta pendulum


This article aims to analyse the H2 control, H ? control and linear quadratic regulator (LQR) to the rotational inverted pendulum aiming stabilization, reference tracking and disturbance rejection. Firstly it is necessary modeling the pendulum, which was performed using the Euler-Lagrange equations. Then, direct calculations and some tests were used to determine the numerical values of the model parameters. The control techniques H2, H ? and LQR through linear matrix inequalities (LMI) were used for the design of controllers. Finally, the simulated and experimental results are presented and analyzes regarding the performance of the controllers are made.