Contribution of Corporate Systems for Fault Location in Power Distribution Networks

  • Gustavo Travassos Grupo Neoenergia
  • Danilo de Souza Pereira Universidade de São Paulo
  • Carlos Frederico Meschini Almeida Universidade de São Paulo
  • Luiz Henrique Leite Rosa Universidade de São Paulo
  • Nelson Kagan Universidade de São Paulo
  • José Antônio de Souza Brito Grupo Neoenergia
Keywords: Fault location, Advanced distribution automation, Outage management, Quality of service, Electric power distribution


In power distribution systems, short-circuit events imply long service response time, affecting the quality of service. Although many research works propose fault location methodologies, which are based on meta-heuristics, artificial intelligence and travelling waves, most power utilities do not have the data requested by such approaches. Consequently, maintenance crews locate faults through field searches, considering the operation of protection devices and affected customers' phone calls, characterizing a procedure that may last some hours. This work proposes a practical fault location methodology, considering the current scenario of few metering data concerning the short-circuit events. Based on case studies results, the proposed methodology is considered effective. It may be executed in few seconds and leads to satisfactory results.