Transmission Line Protection Performance in the Presence of Wind Power Plants: Study on the Busbar Capacitance Modeling During Relay Testing Procedures

  • Felipe V. Lopes University of Brasilia
  • Jônatas S. Costa University of Brasilia
  • Tiago R. Honorato University of Brasilia
  • Rodrigo T. Toledo University of Brasilia
  • Letícia A. Gama University of Brasilia
  • Paulo S. Pereira Jr Conprove Engineering, Industry and Commerce
  • Gustavo S. Salge Conprove Engineering, Industry and Commerce
  • Moisés J. B. B. Davi Conprove Engineering, Industry and Commerce
Keywords: Busbar capacitance, Phasor-based relays, Protection systems, Power systems, Time-domain relays, Transmission lines, Wind power plants


In this paper, the performance of transmission line differential and distance protection functions available in phasor- and time-domain-based relays is evaluated considering the presence of wind power plants. In the proposed study, an investigation on the system busbar capacitance modeling during relay testing procedures is carried out, indicating differences verified in the number of operations and operation times of four real protective relays. The obtained results reveal that the busbar capacitance modeling is critical for some protection functions, affecting mainly the reliability of transient-based algorithms.