Linear quadratic regulator applied to low-frequency oscillation damping using the current sensitivity model

  • Elenilson de Vargas Fortes Federal Institute of Education, Science, and Technology of Goiás
  • Marcus Vinícius Silvério Costa Federal Rural University of the Semi-Arid Region
  • Leonardo H. Macedo São Paulo State University
  • Percival Bueno de Araujo São Paulo State University
Keywords: Current sensitivity model, Linear quadratic regulator, Local modes of oscillation, Small-signal stability, Electric power systems


This paper proposes the use of the linear quadratic regulator, a systematic method in which the controller is obtained by minimizing a quadratic performance index, to ensure the desired damping rates of the low-frequency oscillatory modes present in an electrical power system. The current sensitivity model is used to represent the dynamics of the system. To validate the proposed technique, simulations were carried out using a single machine infinite bus system. From the results obtained, it was evidenced the excellent performance of the proposed controller, since it was able to damp the low-frequency oscillatory mode present in the test system, accrediting it as a powerful tool in the study and analysis of small-signal stability in electric power systems.