Economical Assess of Concentrated Solar Tower Power Plants in the Brazilian Scenario

  • Guilherme de Sousa Torres University of Brasilia
  • Tulio Andre Pereira de Oliveira University of Brasilia
  • Anesio de Leles Ferreira Filho University of Brasilia
  • Elder Geraldo Domingues University of Brasilia
Keywords: CSP, Economic assessment, Net present value, Regulated conctracting environment, Renewable energy


Renewable energy integration has been used as one the most common alternatives for governments that chase a diverse energetic matrix and a sustainable expansion of economy. Developing countries with high values of Direct Normal Irradiation (DNI) such as Brazil tend to consider photovoltaic power plants as a valuable option, but the small capacity factor of these systems is often an obstacle. As the energy demand increases, this creates an opportunity for the integration of concentrated solar tower (CST) plants. In this context, an appropriate
economical evaluation becomes urgent so to introduce and consolidate this technology into the Brazilian reality. This paper, whose goal is to assess the economical viability of the Solar Tower technology at the Regulated Contracting Environment (RCE), appraise a variety of financial indicators of a power plant simulated in Brazil. The conducted analysis can be an important tool for governments and agencies to make the CSP technology an attractive solution to investors. The results of this paper show that a reduction of 33% on the initial costs and 14% on the discount rate can reduce the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) up to USD 0,027 per kWh.