Energy Storage System Integration with Wind Generation for Primary Frequency Support in the Distribution Grid

  • Rodrigo Zambrana Vargas Federal University of ABC
  • José Calixto Lopes Federal University of ABC
  • Juan C. Colque University of Campinas
  • José L. Azcue Federal University of ABC
  • Thales Sousa Federal University of ABC
Keywords: Battery Energy Storage System, DFIG, Frequency support, Power systems, Wind generation


With the significant increase in the insertion of wind turbines in the electrical system, the overall inertia of the system is reduced resulting in a loss of its ability to support frequency. This is because it is common to use variable speed wind turbines, based on the Double Fed Induction Generator (DFIG), which are coupled to the power grid through electronic converters, which do not have the same characteristics as synchronous generators. Thus, this paper proposes the use of the DFIG-associated Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) to support the primary frequency. A control strategy was developed, and important factors such as charging and discharging current limitations and operation within battery limits were considered. Time domain simulations have been proposed to study a distribution system containing a wind turbine, showing the advantages of BESS over frequency disturbances.