Use of the Particle Swarm Technique to Optimize Parameters of Photovoltaic Generators on Networks with High Integration of Distributed Generation

  • Luiz G. R. Tonini Federal University of Espírito Santo
  • Felipe Z. da Silva Federal University of Espírito Santo
  • Renato S. F. Ferraz Federal University of Espírito Santo
  • Oureste E. Batista Federal University of Espírito Santo
  • Augusto C. Rueda-Medina Federal University of Espírito Santo
Keywords: Distributed generation, Photovoltaic generators, Particle Swarm Optimization, Short circuit


In search of greater diversity in energy sources, to meet the demand of the electricity power, the use of photovoltaic generators is increasing. Such components have their power generation specified by IEEE 1547/2018, which limits the power parameters of each one. In a situation of high penetration of distributed generation, generators can contribute to the electric current that will circulate within the system in case of a fault, causing major disruption to the mesh and the users. Seeking to reduce this impact, the paper will minimize the value of the short circuit current by adjusting the parameters of the photovoltaic generators. The analysis will be done on IEEE Test Feeder 13 and 34 nodes and will refer to generators from category A, B and without reactive power injection in the mesh.