Impacts of Distributed Generation in Electrical Grids

  • Maria Cecilia C. Lima Federal University of Paraiba
  • Handerson Marques Federal University of Paraiba
  • Thommas Kevin Sales Flores University of Paraiba
  • Fabiano Salvadori University of Paraiba
  • Lucas V. Hartmann Federal University of Paraiba
  • Camila S. Gehrke Federal University of Paraiba
Keywords: Distributed generation, Impedance Matrix, Impacts, Insertion


Unconventional energy sources such as wind, solar and biomass represents more and more an alternative in substitution of conventional energy sources. In effect, many studies still need to be done to clearly identify the impacts that the insertion of distributed generation (DG) sources represent in the power grid. In this paper, an analysis of the impact of the distributed generation (DG) insertion in the electrical grid is realized, based on impedance matrix, grid voltage and power factor (PF). Benchmarks were created to relate the sensibility in a point common coupling (PCC) to the DG insertion. Preliminary results show that sensibility does not change with the load or the PF of the DG.