Voltage Unbalance Effect on the Behavior of IE2, IE3 And IE4 Induction Motor Classes

  • Jonathan M. Tabora Universidade Federal do Pará
  • Edson O. de Matos Universidade Federal do Pará
  • Thiago M. Soares Universidade Federal do Pará
  • Maria Emília de L. Tostes Universidade Federal do Pará
Keywords: Energy efficient motors, Voltage unbalance, Efficiency classes, Line-start permanent magnet motor


More than 30 million electric motors are sold every year in the world, in the last 20 years the appearance of more efficient electric motors resulted in the replacement of more than 70% of the old motors installed. New technologies are being presented by manufacturers as substitutes for the squirrel cage induction motor (SCIM). Given this scenario, studies should be carried out to analyze the performance of these motors in the same operating conditions to know their main advantages and drawbacks. This study presents a comparison of the performance of electric motors classes IE2, IE3 and IE4 in the presence of voltage unbalance (VU) with under and over voltage. Results show that not only the unbalance percentage present impacts the motor performance, but also the magnitudes of the voltages present. The VU also results in an increase in the harmonics present in each motor, mainly in the permanent magnet hybrid motor, which presents non-linear characteristics.