Impedance-based Fault Location Error Analysis in Distribution Network with Distributed Generation

  • Guilherme Y. Kume University of São Paulo
  • Antonio E. C. Momesso University of São Paulo
  • Felipe M. dos S. Monteiro University of São Paulo
  • Eduardo N. Asada University of São Paulo
Keywords: Fault location, Impedance-based location, Distributed generators, Distribution systems


Reliability and continuity in the electrical system are one of the issues where distribution companies are continually seeking improvements. The penetration of Distributed Generators (DGs) contributes to modify the amplitude of the fault signals, which significantly affects the accuracy of the fault location algorithms. In this context, this paper proposes an impedance-based method to fault location in distribution systems with DGs. A new process analyzing the linear behavior of input and output information of the algorithm to search the short-circuits location is used. The smart meters were allocated at the substation and DGs nodes, and a real 135-bus distribution electrical system was used to perform the robustness tests. The results showed that the fault location method has high accuracy, and no significant influences on the location results regarding the penetration level have been observed. Because of its simplicity and high accuracy, we emphasize its applicability to realistic problems.