Design and computational modeling of fault current limiter topologies

  • Alexandre Bitencourt Universidade Federal Fluminense
  • Daniel H. N. Dias Universidade Federal Fluminense
  • Bruno W. França Universidade Federal Fluminense
  • Felipe Sass Universidade Federal Fluminense
  • Guilherme G. Sotelo Universidade Federal Fluminense
Keywords: Short circuit current limiter, Resonant circuit, Series switched inductor circuit, Fault detection


The increase in demand for electric power and the insertion of a distributed generation led to the rise of the short-circuit current in substations. Most of these Brazilian substations were designed decades ago, because of that their equipment may not support the new short-circuit current levels. To protect the installed equipment and avoid excessive costs replacing old devices, it is possible to install Fault Current Limiters (FCLs). This document is a report from an R&D project that evaluated FCL topologies considering real parameters in simulation from used equipment, concluding that the selected FCL topologies accomplished their technical objective. However, before implementing these topologies in the distribution system, one should consider the technical and economic feasibility of using semiconductor switching devices.