Techno-Economic Simulation of a Geothermal Energy Generation System at the Machin Volcano in Colombia

  • Hernando Enrique Rodriguez Pantano Escuela Colombiana de Carreras Industriales
  • Valentina Betancourt Universidad de Alicante
  • Juan S. Solís-Chaves Universidade Federal do ABC
  • C. M. Rocha-Osorio Centro de Procesos Industriales y Construcción
Keywords: Colombian thermal gradients, Feasibility analysis, Geothermal energy, Renewable energy generation systems, System advisor model


Colombian geothermal potential for power generation is interesting due to the presence of the three Andean mountain ranges and the existence of active volcanoes in junction with springs and underground reservoirs with the consequent closeness of available hydrothermal water-wells. The Machin volcano is a small mountain placed in the middle of the country, that has a considerable geothermal potential with wells in a temperature range of 160 to 260 C. For that reason, a techno-economic simulation for a Geothermal Energy Generation System is proposed in this paper, using for that the System Advisor Model software. The purpose of this research is to present a more encouraging picture for public and private investors interested in exploiting this energy potential in Colombia. Simulation results include technical and economic aspects as annual and monthly energy production, geothermal resource monthly average temperature, and the Time Of Delivery Factors are also considered. Some tables with system conguration, plant and pump costs, Capacity Factor, and real and nominal Levelized Cost of Energy are also shown.