Evaluation of Cross-Differential Protection Applied to Double-Circuit Transmission Lines Under Inter-Circuit Faults

  • Vitor R. Serpa University of Brasilia
  • Tiago R. Honorato University of Brasilia
  • Kleber M. Silva University of Brasilia
Keywords: Double-circuit lines, Cross-differential protection, Inter-circuit faults, Alpha plane, Power systems, ATP


This paper deals with the performance evaluation of cross-differential protection applied to double-circuit transmission lines which share the same tower, considering the occurrence of inter-circuit faults. Aiming to do so, sensitivity and transient analysis were carried out on a 300 km double-circuit transmission line with 500 kV of rating voltage, modeled on Alternative Transients Program (ATP). By the analysis of the obtained results, the cross-differential protection function is able to detect faults between two different phases of the two existent circuits and has a high instantaneous coverage for such type of fault.