Extending the Application of One-Terminal Fault Location Method Available in Actual Time Domain Relay

  • Gustavo A. Cunha Universidade de Brasília
  • Felipe V. Lopes Universidade de Brasília
  • Tiago H. Honorato Universidade de Brasília
Keywords: Electromagnetic transients, Traveling waves, Fault location, Transmission lines, Transient detection sensitivity


Traveling wave-based fault location has attracted more and more attention from industries worldwide. This theory allowed the implementation of functions in order to increase the reliability of the obtained fault location results. Among existing functions, the classical one-terminal method requires the detection of the wave reflected from the fault, which is still considered a challenging task. A commercial relay was released with a function able to identify these reflected waves by evaluating patterns and weighted hypotheses, identifying the wavefront most likely to be the one re ected from the fault. However, as this function is embedded into a relay, it is not possible to change the method settings. Thus, this paper presents a validation of this function which is implemented externally to the relay. Besides, its application is extended for transmission lines to which the relay can not be applied, such as huge HVDC lines.