Inrush Current Detection based on Linear Prediction

  • Talita S. A. Chagas Federal University of Sergipe
  • Reginaldo B. G. Grimaldi Federal University of Sergipe
  • Jugurta Montalvão Federal University of Sergipe
  • Alexandre Gonçalves EDP Brasil
  • Tarso V. Ferreira INESC P&D Brasil
Keywords: Failures, Inrush current, Linear predictor, Prediction error


The occurrence of inrush currents in power transformers is directly related with the reduction of its lifetime, as well as safe operation of electric power systems. In this paper, a new method for inrush current detection, based on linear prediction, is proposed. Linear predictors of order 2 and four are implemented, and the linear prediction error is employed as main parameter on the detection process. The methods performance is evaluated making use of a database built from simulations on Alternative Transients Program, and the modeled electric system is based on real distribution network. Aiming to evaluate the reliability of the method, Gaussian noise is added to the signals, and a noise sensitivity analysis is performed. The results indicate viability of linear prediction as a tool for fast and robust detection of inrush currents, which performed successfully in situations with SNR of 55 dB.