An Evolutionary Optimization Algorithm to Planning the Time of Delivery Schedule and Factor in a Hydroelectric Power Plant with Battery Energy Storage Capability

  • Sebastião Orlando do Nascimento Filho AES Tietê
  • Paulo Eduardo Malaquias AES Tietê
  • Rogério Andrade Flauzino University of São Paulo
Keywords: Energy storage, Evolutionary computation, Hydroelectric power generation, Optimal scheduling, Optimization


The modernization of regulation and legislation rules of the power systems in nowadays is partially due the penetration of renewable resources generation and an energy store capability. The generation based on alternative source has an intermittent pattern and its linkage with a hydroelectric generation plant should be considered in the expansion of generation matrix. Some pioneer projects are conducted in Brazil that confirms this relevance. The battery energy storage is another functionally possible today and must be considered in the technical and economic analysis. This paper presents a method based on evolutionary approach that intends to optimize a time of delivery schedule and factor with objective of the decrease the payback time. In front of the  optimized time of delivery schedule and factor is proposed an optimal law of control of a battery storage system. Experimental data was employed and the results reached could be used to better operate energy storage systems and deal with regulation aspects.