Eight Thyristor AC-DC Modified Converter Bridge Implementation

  • Marcos Leonardo Ramos Federal University of Itajubá
  • José Maria de Carvalho Filho Federal University of Itajubá
  • Ângelo José Junqueira Rezek Federal University of Itajubá
  • Christel Enock Ghislain Ogoulola Federal University of Itajubá
  • Vinicius Zimmermann Silva Federal University of Itajubá
Keywords: Auxiliary firing, Modified converter, Modified thyristor bridge, Improved power factor, Modified phase-controlled converter


The purpose of this work is to implement at laboratory a full-controlled AC-DC test bench operating as a modified bridge and a conventional bridge, considering for both bridge the same average DC output voltage criterion. Furthermore, the performance of the test bench can be verified by checking the consistency of the experimental results between the modified bridge and the conventional bridge, as well as the consistency of the experimental results of these bridges with their theoretical values and digital simulations. It is expected the test bench can be applied for didactic and research purposes as well as for industrial applications.