Analysis of Predictive Direct Torque Control Applied to Induction Motor by Finite Element Method

  • A. S. Lunardi University of Sao Paulo, SP
  • A. J. Sguarezi Filho Federal University of ABC, SP
  • A. Pelizari Federal University of ABC, SP
  • G. R. Bruzinga Federal University of ABC, SP
Keywords: Finite Element Analysis, Induction motor, Predictive Control, Direct Torque Control


This paper focuses on how to make the electromagnetic analyses of an induction motor drive. The induction motor is controlled by a predictive direct torque controller. Using the predictive control which by a cost-function determines the voltage vector among eight switching states from voltage source converter (VSC), making it suitable for the requirements to control the motor. The controller handles the stator flux and the electromagnetic torque with a quiet implementation and pretty adjusts. Regarding the electromagnetic analyses, it will be done by finite element features. The proposed technique will be illustrated by the results, which will provide how the electromagnetic effects occur inside the electrical machine. The conclusion with all the results is that the controller and machine can be operated with no core saturation.