Veículos elétricos conectados a Smart Grids: os desafios do fluxo bidirecional de cargas (V2G)

  • Amaro Krob Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre-RS
  • Roberto C. Leborgne Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre-RS
  • Andrea Collin Universidade La Salle, Canoas-RS
Keywords: ANEEL, Batteries, CHAdeMO, Electric Vehicles, IEEE 2030, IEEE 1547, Renewable Energy, SAE J1772, Smart Grid, V2G


The increase in sales of electric vehicles (EV) it´s creating a new and great challenge for the planning of expansion and operation of electric energy distribution systems in Brazil. The new energy demand for charging vehicular batteries will also enable the bidirectional power flow from the Vehicle to Grid (V2G), which when properly approved by the regulatory authorities will result in an opportunity to improve the quality and cost of energy for all. This work presents the state of the art regarding the charging of electric vehicles and the main aspects related to the standardization of chargers in national and international markets. In addition, it carries out an analysis with recommendations that expand the discussions around the regulation of the sector, allowing the full potential of the bidirectional power flow to be used in the distribution grid.