Análise da Qualidade do Fornecimento de Energia Elétrica Através do Uso de Sistemas Multiagentes

  • Juliano S. Damiani Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, Santa Maria
  • Guilherme B. da Costa Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, Santa Maria
  • Ghendy Cardoso Jr. Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, Santa Maria
  • Adriano P. de Morais Colégio Técnico Industrial de Santa Maria, Santa Maria
Keywords: Multiagent Systems, Power Quality, Smart Grids, Smart Meter, JADE


Multi-Agent Systems (SMA) are seen by the electricity sector as a tool for solving the problems faced by utilities. Therefore, a study was developed to evaluate the power quality supplied to the consumer. This article aims to show how SMA can improve utilities’ quality indexes and consumer satisfaction, overcoming the problem of delay in obtaining voltage data and the correct classification of possible disturbances. To achieve this goal, the authors considered the use of SMA as a means of communication between smart meters. The purpose of using smart meters is to utilize devices inserted in smart grids, mainly due to reading data and using artificial intelligence techniques. The proposed method was implemented in Java Agent Development Framework (JADE), and the data used for evaluation were obtained through an energy analyzer installed in three homes. The results of the simulations show that this SMA provides speed, efficiency, and automation for the process of power quality supplied by the utility.