Sintonia automática de parâmetros de controladores LQR aplicados a inversores conectados à rede

  • Everson Mattos Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, RS
  • Lucas Cielo Borin Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, RS
  • Gustavo Guilherme Koch Universidade Federal do Pampa, RS
  • Caio Ruviaro Dantas Osório Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, RS
  • Vinícius Foletto Montagner Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, RS
Keywords: Grid-tied inverter, Current control, Optimization, Linear quadratic regulator


In this work, an automatic controller tuning based on metaheuristics is proposed to obtain, in an optimized way, the weights of the Q and R matrices of a quadratic linear regulator applied to the control of current from converters connected to the grid. The proposed strategy allows obtaining superior performance in relation to controllers tuned traditionally, without requiring the designer to spend a lot of time in designs based on trial and error. The results show that the grid currents obtained are in accordance with the IEEE 1547 standard, indicating the usefulness of the proposed strategy for the control of power injected into the grid in distributed generation systems where the grid impedance at the point of common coupling may be affected by uncertainty.