Aplicação e Avaliação do Método da Impedância Dominante para Compartilhamento de Responsabilidade Harmônica em um Sistema Industrial

  • Luiz F. S. Souza BREE Eficiência Energética, Quatro Barras, Paraná
  • Ivan N. Santos Núcleo de Qualidade da Energia Elétrica, Uberlândia, Minas Gerais
  • Patrick R. Almeida BREE Eficiência Energética, Quatro Barras, Paraná
  • Flávio R. Garcia BREE Eficiência Energética, Quatro Barras, Paraná
Keywords: Responsibility Sharing, Harmonic Distortion, Dominant Impedance Method, Power Quality


Faced with the growing use of non-linear electrical loads, which are potential sources of harmonic distortions, interest in the topic of sharing responsibility for harmonics has increased in electrical system. It is known that harmonics can generate several problems for the electrical network and for the loads connected to it, so mitigating measures, when required, should be shared between those responsible for the disturbances, in proportions correlated to the contribution of each consumer and supplier agent. In these terms, the present work aims to analyze the results of the application of the Dominant Impedance Method (MID) of harmonic responsibility sharing in a Brazilian industrial system.