Análise Comparativa entre Fontes Despacháveis para Microrredes

  • Diogo N. Abreu Federal University of Maranhão, MA
  • Silvangela Lilian Barcelos Federal University of Maranhão, MA
  • José Gomes de Matos Federal University of Maranhão, MA
  • Bartolomeu F. Santos Jr. Federal University of Piauí, PI
  • Walbermark M. dos Santos Federal University of Espírito Santo, ES
Keywords: Microgrids, Dispatchable Generation sources, Gas generator, Diesel generator


This paper analyzes two alternatives of dispatchable generation sources applied to the context of microgrids, considering that the presence of renewable sources entails in an imbalance between electric energy generation and demand towards such electric system. However, if the microgrid is connected to the main grid, the surplus and/or deficit of energy is assumed by the main system. Although, if the situation becomes critical if the sum between load and generation is different than zero and the microgrid is isolated. Therefore, two microgrids scenarios were analyzed considering the possible applications of two dispatchable generation sources: diesel generators and gas generators. In the first case, the inexistence of gas pipelines made the application of the gas generator unfeasible and in the second case, with the help of HOMER software, an advantage of diesel generator in terms of fuel costs was perceived, but with the gas generator being advisable for cogeneration applications.