Modelagem de Minirrede com Sistema Fotovoltaico, Diesel e Armazenamento de Energia Utilizando OpenDSS e Python

  • Gabriel A. Couto CEAMAZON, UFPA, PA
  • Bruno S. Albuquerque CEAMAZON, UFPA, PA
  • Welton Santos CEAMAZON, UFPA, PA
  • Carminda M. Carvalho CEAMAZON, UFPA, PA
  • Maria E. Tostes CEAMAZON, UFPA, PA
  • Andréia Nascimento CEAMAZON, UFPA, PA
Keywords: Modeling, Mini grid, Distributed Generation, Energy stogare system, OpenDSS


This work presents the modeling and simulation of a hybrid mini grid with photovoltaic-diesel generation and an energy storage system. The studied network refers to the facilities of the Center of Excellence in Energy Efficiency of the Amazon (CEAMAZON), located at the Federal University of Pará (UFPA), enhanced by the project of an Intelligent System for the Efficient Management of Multimodal Electric Mobility. The model was created with OpenDSS software associated with Python, ensuring that the environment formed represents the electrical characteristics and operational resources of the grid. The study compared the data from the simulations with measurements from the real grid, verifying the parity between them.